-Meet Transistor Radio-

Bands come and go. Trends pass. Genres bend and blur. Music lives on. The music of Transistor Radio is a collection of original songs from the pens of performing songwriters Steven Courtney and Lisa Lewis. Two slightly different stylists who share one collective vision. Acoustic music. Creative chemistry.

Veteran producer, musician and songwriter Steven Courtney formed the band with the intent of expanding his own writing demographic. Well known as an award winning recording artist in the kindie genre, he has also released numerous titles in the soft pop/folk rock category with his prior project Band of Friends. 

Performing songwriter Lisa Lewis has emerged from the role of backing vocalist to the center stage with her soulful vocal stylings and warm tones. She contributes her own original tunes and co-writes with band mate Steven Courtney. June 2013 brought in the release of her self titled debut album Lisa Lewis with a mix of originals and contemporary CCM covers.

The bands debut album titled Transistor Radio is available for worldwide distribution through CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon Prime and other media sources.

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