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Educators admire the delivery…

Parents love the message...

Kids adore the music and fun spirit!

 2018 Academics Choice Award for the Sunflower Road album.

2016 Parents Choice Gold Award for the Sunflower Road album. 

 2014 Parents Choice Silver Award for the Sun Hill Market album.

2012 Parents Choice Recommended Award for the Million Smiles To Go album. 

7 time winner of Children’s Music Web Award

Arpeggio Award for “Outstanding Work with Children” through the Arts.

Few artists are as committed to expanding the boundaries of Children’s Music and Family Entertainment as Steven Courtney. Courtney’s songs inspire imagination and positive social behavior with a superabundance of creativity added. Trying to slot his music into a specific genre, fails to capture the tapestry of musical forms from which he draws.

“I strive to write songs that kids and parents can be entertained by, while they are together, enjoying each other’s company,” says the Pennsylvania-based songwriter. “It’s magnificent to really enjoy music with your child and not have to pretend! I’ve always appreciated a wide range of musical styles and I think that music for the whole family can be as good as any mainstream style of music. You’d be surprised how much a parent and child have in common, musically, if given the opportunity to enjoy it together.”

Somewhere, today, Steven is probably performing a show, encouraging children and families to work hard at loving and caring for each other.